Monemvasia Castle

The islet of Monemvasia used to be a promontory that was harshly cut off from the mainland after a devastating earthquake in 375 A.D. It has a height of 300m and it is made entirely out of steep colourful rock. Slowly, it was evolved into a famous castle-town and became the strategic base of trade […]

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Castle Town of Mistras

The worldwide known medieval castle-town of Mistras rises on a steep hill on the foothills of the magnificent mountain range of Taygetos, dominating the valley of Sparta. It was founded in 1249 by the Franks, but soon after it was conquered by the Byzantines who made it the center of trade and culture of the […]

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Ancient Sparti

“Ancient Sparti” When we hear the name “Sparta“, it probably comes to our mind the name of one of its most famous king and general, Leonidas. Leonidas and his soldiers lived and walked on the same ground that we stand. We will see the modern statue of Leonidas, influenced by the ancient one that was […]

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